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Fencing Stain and Seal in Orangeburg, SC


Orangeburg Fence Company provides all your stain and seal fencing needs. Do you need to stain or seal a wood fence? Are you in need of sealing a fencing? Maybe water is beginning to deteriorate your fence? Is your Orangeburg fence fading in color and brightness? Give us a call today.


Stain and Seal Experts

We are your expert and professional fence specialists in Orangeburg and we can stain and seal your fence to restore it back to life. You can trust our fence restoration and maintenance process and we guarantee our work as Orangeburg’s #1 Fence Company!

Our fence restoration process will bring back the beauty and vibrancy of your old fence. Staining and sealing will extend the life of your fence and protect it from rotting, weather, and other elements that have a tendency to ruin your fence.


Why Fences Need a Stain and Seal Process

Unlike vinyl fencing, chain link fencing, and even wrought iron fencing, wood fencing is subject to deterioration if it’s not continuously maintained. While it’s impossible to prevent all the weathering effects on wood, we can minimize them if fences are properly maintained and repaired. One of those processes is staining and sealing the fence. We recommend the stain and seal process every couple years. Think of it like a wash and wax for your fence.

  • Wood typically has a short life of 10-15 years that is lessened without attention to staining and sealing on a frequent basis
  • Untreated fence and fence posts are vulnerable to mold, fungus, rot, and mildew
  • Wood fences will lose their natural color over time without staining and sealing and instead will begin to turn grey
  • Exposure to the elements causes discoloration, fading of color, cracking of boards, as well as warping, shrinking, and swelling
  • Termites and insects can penetrate wood fencing if not properly stained and sealed
  • When wood fences are exposed to extreme conditions, such as an excess of rain, sprinkler system sprays, hot, or cold, these conditions will have an adverse affect on the fence

Some of the fence stain and seal and restoration processes are below. We do not recommend pressure washing a fence as it can cause warping and damage to the surface of your fence. If you have questions, please call us first.

Bleaching a Fence

We can bleach your fence to remove stains, mildew, mold, dirt, and debris. It’s beneficial to allow your fence several days to a week to dry before we begin the process of staining and sealing. When a fence is bleached, the aged grey color is removed and the natural color begins to re-emerge. After bleaching is completed, we can then begin the process to stain and seal.

Staining a Fence

Staining will weatherproof your residential or commercial wood fence. Regardless of whether we installed or designed the fence, we are happy to perform this service for you. Staining will increase the life span of your wood fence, pergola, deck, or other wood service.

There are multiple applications of stain and sealant, including spray on or brush. At Orangeburg Fence Company, we give attention to detail and use high quality professional products. In addition, we give you a choice of color options to choose from. It’s important to consider how the color will look before it is applied.

Benefits of Staining and Sealing

  • UV protection
  • Revitalizing color
  • Prevent mold and mildew
  • Inhibit insects and termites from penetrating the wood
  • Extends the life of your fence
  • Prevents warping and splintering

We are your Orangeburg wood repair and staining and sealing experts! Give us a call today to schedule your free quote.

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